My inheritance is a Person

November 13th, 2013

Psalms 16:5-6 5 
LORD, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. You guard all that is mine.  6 The land you have given me is a pleasant land. What a wonderful inheritance! NLT

What a wonderful truth to be reminded of. To think that it is a person and not a ‘thing’ that is my inheritance. Think of that – of Jesus being our inheritance. It is Jesus ALONE – there is something about the fullness of having Jesus that satisfies. He is sufficient – we need nothing else He is also my cup of blessing!

It is not ‘THINGS’ but HE who is my source of blessing. It is what HE IS first and then what he does that blesses me. It is HIS PERSON which are my source of blessing. This is what surrounds me with comfort and sense of well being.  Nothing in addition to Jesus – he is all I need. He is all that I will require. He supplies all that I need.  My focus is on him and I seek to make this truth a reality in my life. Oh how often I have ‘missed’ the comfort of “things” only to find that they have little lasting power to fulfil.

What an amazing priceless inheritance!

 It is a priceless inheritance – money cannot to purchase it.

Its an eternal inheritance – everlasting – lasting forever.

Its an unchangeable Inheritance – because He (Jesus) does not change.

It is a personal inheritance – one which we can rightfully claim as ‘mine”.

 Jesus you guard all that is mine.

You take care of what is rightfully mine through your redemptive work on the Cross 

You guard against my enemy robbing me of what is mine guaranteed in your inheritance.

You make sure that I receive ALL that you rightfully mine.

I DO HAVE and inheritance and IT IS MINE BY DIVINE RIGHT!

Oh how we need to be aware of this and then to be reminded of it daily.

The protection from the enemy eroding what is rightfully mine through CHRIST”S WORK ON THE CROSS.

 The land that you gave me is pleasant. I have learned to thank God for the location (land) in which I have been allocated to serve. Where I find myself serving (no matter where that might be). 

The place where I serve is not grievous to me because I have learned to make the land, the place where I serve as pleasant to my heart and my mind. 

Rest in the knowledge that His choice is best! 

It is possible for us to endure working and serving in the place where we are – but how much more satisfying it is to be able to thank God for the place and genuinely declare to our heart and to others that it is a pleasant land. 

In Genesis 49:15 it is spoken of Issachar that he said “that the land was pleasant” also. 

This place was sometimes a ‘war zone’ and did not own the land – but leased it – he had to pay tribute (taxes) for the use of the land. But this was the land that his whole future generations were tied up in. His dream for a place for his future family and tribe to live and grow and develop was linked to this land. Even though (1) it was not his own. (2) that he had to pay taxes on it. (3) that it had to be worked and it would involve hard labour, bearding the burden of farming etc. (4) sometime was caught up in the midst of opposing armies using it for fighting against one another; he SAID THAT THE LAND WAS PLEASANT.

Oh to have that kind of ‘no complaints’ kind of attitude; Seeing it as a land of opportunity fulfilling all the perspires of why God chose “ME” to be there.

Issachar in really was saying – the land that you have given me to serve is pleasant and I am CONTENT. It is learning to “say” the location (land) that I serve is pleasant is what makes our service blessed rather than just duty.

There is definitely a place in Jesus where we can enjoy the land that we are placed.

What A wonderful inheritance.

These are thoughts which encourage and bless and give me direction as to how I should process my journey with Jesus 


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